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This is the online Hub for teaching on a variety of subjects. You will find cutting edge resources that will increase your spiritual development and freedom.

From hardcore intercession to apostolic building and deliverance this is the place to be. Keep checking back as new resources are created and released on a regular basis.


History belongs to the intercessors. Step into a new year ready to see what God has for you. Prayer is one Gods primary methods to bring heaven to earth.

The time is now. Don’t wait to change the course of your life!

Join John Eckhardt, Sophia Ruffin, and Kisha Cephus for a one day challenge. What you will learn:

-Create a Prayer Model

-How to develop prayer strategies for your daily life

-Discerning Sounds of Prayer

-4 Hours of Live teach (Jan 30th)

-Weekly articles and teachings (written) for the month of January! 

Jesus cast out the spirits with his word. He did not use formulas or rituals to exorcise the demons. The Bible records some of these exorcisms. There were undoubtedly many that were not recorded in detail. The ones that are recorded give us great insight into expelling demons.

Not only did Jesus cast out many devils, but his disciples did as well. We need a new generation of those who will not back down the fight against the powers of darkness.

The prophetic releases revelation, movement and insight that identifies the strongholds and releases power to tear down the walls.

The apostolic is a liberating ministry that carries life-changing breakthrough for people, regions and territories. When these two forces combine the result is unstoppable Kingdom momentum!

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